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Arriving Spring 2023

10 Month Season

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Holiday Homes

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What is the difference between a residential park home and a static caravan/holiday home?

One of the key differences between a residential park home and a holiday home is the standard it has been built to comply with.


Most holiday homes are built to European (EN1647) standards, whereas all residential park homes comply with British Standard (BS3632). By meeting this standard, the home is deemed suitable for permanent occupancy and all-year-round use. More focus is given to the amount of insulation that is installed from the factory when it comes to meeting the (BS3632) standard.


Holiday homes are not required to meet the BS3632 standard. This is because they are primarily designed for short-term occupancy during the warmer months of the year. Insulation is still present throughout a holiday home, but not to the same level as the BS3632 standard.


One thing to note is that many holiday homes and leisure lodges are now being built to the residential (BS3632) standard. This isn’t a requirement for a holiday home. However, many holiday parks enjoy a longer site licence these days. By building to the (BS3632) standard, a holiday homeowner can enjoy the use of their static caravan or holiday lodge in the same comfort during the colder months of the year. Regardless of the standard a home has been built to, all modern holiday homes come with double-glazed windows and central heating as standard. If not, they can be added as an optional extra.

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How long is the holiday season at Richmond Caravan Park

Our static holiday caravans can be occupied for 8 months of the year (1st of March to the 31st of October)


Our Riverview Lodges can be occupied for 10 months of the year (1st of March to the 5th of January) 

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Can I live in my holiday home?

Although holiday homes can be built to residential specification and can therefore be lived in all year round, we stipulate that owners must only use their static caravan or leisure lodge for recreational and holiday purposes.


To comply with the licence agreement, we may ask owners for proof of a permanent place of residence in the UK. If your main residence is overseas, we would require proof of residency along with a few more details including whether the property is owned outright or rented. We may also require a little more detail regarding how much time is spent overseas. This will enable us to determine how much time you are planning to spend in your potential new holiday home/lodge.


You are more than welcome to make short visits from time to time to check that everything is okay during the months that our holiday park is closed, but you must not stay overnight.

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How long can I keep my holiday home on site?

Static caravans and holiday lodges can last for many years if they are well maintained. When you buy a static caravan or leisure lodge on a park you automatically apply for what is called a ‘licence agreement’. The licence agreement will determine how long your home can be kept on site. The length of time depends on several factors. This can be things like whether the caravan/lodge is brand-new or pre-owned, along with how well the home has been maintained and its current market value. Holiday homes are seen as more of a luxury than an investment. They will depreciate over time, much like cars and other vehicles do.  


New static caravans are initially sold with a standard 20 year licence agreement. Single unit holiday lodges are sold with an initial 25 year licence agreement. Twin unit holiday lodges can be offered with a 30 year licence agreement from new.


After the initial licence term has come to an end, the park will review the licence/home and where possible offer an exstended or rolling contract moving forward. This contract can then be reviewed on a yearly basis, taking into consideration the details mentioned above. Licenses are designed to maintain the quality of holiday homes on the park and to keep a high and modern standard throughout. 

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What are the benefits of owning a static holiday home or lodge?

A static holiday home or lodge can be seen as an investment in your leisure time. The more they are used the more they offer good value for money. This is especially true when taking into consideration the cost of holidays abroad or staying in local hotels and such during your travels. Purchasing a holiday home also gives you more flexibility. You can visit whenever you wish during the open season with no pre-booking or planning ahead needed.


Another factor to consider is the 100% council tax premium on second homes which is due to be introduced on the 1st of April 2024. Compared to the bricks and mortar equivalent, static caravans and holiday lodges can be a much more affordable option for anyone who is considering purchasing a second home in the Yorkshire Dales. Please note that you do not pay council tax on any of our static holiday homes or lodges.

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Can I sub-let my holiday caravan or lodge?

We do not allow sub-letting as we feel that this would harm the character and nature of the park. However, you are allowed to let family and friends use your static caravan or lodge.


The uncertainty generated if everyone could rent out their holiday home would detract from the peaceful environment we have here at Richmond Caravan Park.

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Are pets allowed at Richmond caravan Park?

Absolutely, pets are very welcome. We do ask owners to have their dogs on a lead whilst out & about on site.


Towards the end of the park we have a foot bridge which takes you across the river. From here you can explore acres upon acres of National Trust land which is ideally suited to all your dog walking needs.


If you’re feeling extra adventurous you can even follow the footpaths which take you along the river and through the adjoining woodlands. Eventually leading into Richmond Town Centre.

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What are your plans for Richmond Caravan Park in the future?

Since the early 1960’s the Park has been owned and operated by the Howley Family for three generations. We are committed to maintaining the quality of the Park and investing in improvements in the future.


Our vision is allowing the park to naturally evolve in terms of redevelopment and new homes. Along with this comes the installation of modernised services too.


Current ongoing projects include the planting and upscaling of evergreen shrubbery across the park to help achieve an even softer landscape and environment.


We have also been installing and upgrading the surface water drainage across our park, taking rainwater from the relatively flat land and back into the river ecosystem. As we complete this work we aim to gradually reinstate and resurface our roads throughout the park too.

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