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Residential Park Homes

Park Home Site Fees

Pitch Fees

Single Units (10'ft wide and 12'ft wide) - £129.00 per month (Inclusive of Water Rates)

Council Tax

Richmondshire - Band A - £ 1,267.55 (per annum)

Single Units (14'ft wide) and Twin Units (20'ft wide) - £151.00 per month. (Inclusive of Water Rates)

Twin Units (22'ft wide) - £168.00 per month. (Inclusive of Water Rates)


Metered and billed every quarter - (In arrears)

Bottled Gas

Supplied by 'Calor Gas' and 'Flo Gas' - (As used)


Contact your preferred network provider

The above information is to give a guideline to outgoings / expenses at Richmond Caravan Park. There may be additional costs, for example: all insurances - buildings and contents - are the responsibility of the Park Home owner.

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Arriving Spring 2023

10 Month Season

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